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You set the tone in the room.. any room -- classroom, gym, office, boardroom or hallway and even on the field.

  • Tap on your own issues before you enter the workplace.
  • Make tapping part of your regular daily routine like brushing your teeth or taking a shower...why not tap in the shower.

  • Use tapping on the super spot as/or in addition to a cue for attention.  If you use "raised hand and counting down" to get student attention, add tapping with your free hand.

  • Create a tapping space instead of a time out place.  This represents a positive place for the student to get calm and in control.

Tapping for Teachers    The Essential Guide to Relieve Stress and Go for Success  
Workshops for Staff and Educator Candidates 
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Workshop

Tapping Workshops 
The Vintage House Senior Center
264 First Street East
Sonoma, CA 


Emotional Freedom Technique

  Wednesday evening and Friday morning.   
Go to www.vintagehouse.org
for exact days and times

This space is inviting, calm and peaceful.  A wonderful spot to tap.

Private Sessions