Tapping for Teachers
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Tapping for Teachers Workbook-

Did you know that your energy sets the tone for everything you do and what happens around you?

How would it feel to:
  • walk into that interview, conference, presentation or evaluation calm and relaxed?
  • feel in control and running on the highest energy possible?
  • think clearly under stressful circumstances?
  • be able to handle any of a multitude of daily interactions, events,  personalities and crisis calmly and confidently?
  • let go of limiting beliefs and mental roadblocks?
  • be more effective in your work and  in your relationships ?

Wouldn't it be fantastic??? Wonderful?  A relief??  And it's so easy,  you hold the tools in your hands.    

Tapping for Teachers-- This is for you,  I know what's it's like to have lesson plans to create and write, a classroom to organize and manage, materials to make ready and to be mentally and physically prepared to facilitate a group of children, every day.  (Notice I didn't say every work day, I know you work on the weekends also.) Although you love what you do and have a passion for sharing your knowledge..the amount of energy you expend and receive from your students can be overwhelming at times.  

I also know that you have so much to do as it is, so little time.  This is a quick and concise lesson... a guide to help you deal with stress.

Yes, for You, the Teacher
Of course, it would be wonderful to see everyone learn how to tap, just like kids learn how to write their name or do addition, but the reality is although this technique is so natural (you are probably tapping at this moment, as you sit reading) it's not part of any curriculum and a majority of people don't even know about it. 

It looks very strange!!!!  Even weird!!!! But it works!!! 

Yes, this is for You, the Leader
What better group of dedicated, hard working and fun human beings to share this with.   And you know what, once you experience how powerful and empowering this is for you, as the facilitator in the classroom you may find that your students will not only benefit from your experience, but you begin to model this technique with them.

Yes, for You. the teacher, but also for the coach, office, cafeteria and custodial staff, principal, superintendent, mentor, parent, guardian, trainer, manager or owner.
Any one who attends a meeting, gives a presentation, speaks in front of groups or deals with people everyday...this is for you.

Workshops and workbook available
  Tapping for Teachers 
The Essential Guide to Relieve Stress and Go for Success
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Workshop

Tapping Workshops 
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Emotional Freedom Technique

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This space is inviting, calm and peaceful.  A wonderful spot to tap.